How we helped MDM Bank to improve interaction between the departments and the company head office

A large regional bank had difficulty organizing efficient interaction between the departments. The office that was responsible for creating and updating the bank's internal regulatory documents could not automatically publish relevant information on the bank's information portal. In addition, it was impossible to manage access to different categories of documents based on the roles of employees.

Unknowingly office employees used to rely on irrelevant regulations and orders in their work, with serious consequences for the business.

Our solution was to integrate the internal corporate portal Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server (MOSS) with the electronic document management system of LANDocs ECM.

History and versions
The solution keeps track of all the versions of published documents and automatically updates them in the system.
It also allows managing access to resources, based on corporate user profiles defined by the Bank.
Thanks to the distributed, component-based architecture, the solution is relevant for any category of business, simultaneously supporting thousands of user messages.
As a result of our work, the business processes associated with uploading content from MOSS to LANDocs ECM in real time were fully automated.

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