Loan program selection platform in the USA CreditBroker

Our client is a US company founded in 2006 by a manager of one of the American banks, who came up with the idea to create a suite of effective online tools for credit brokers.
In our team they found a reliable partner that brought this idea to life. This is how the Credit Broker service and its first version appeared. The platform included only one bank and a few dozen users.

Over the years, the architecture and functionality of Credit Broker have evolved. The successful solution attracted more and more member banks, brokerage companies and investors. For 15 years the service has evolved into a full-fledged Platform covering all processes of the credit business. Gradually, our client's company turned into a large corporation, one of the leaders in the US lending automation market.

All these years Eurostudio has been the main tech partner and software developer and has helped to translate all the business ideas into practice through the development and evolution of the Credit Broker platform.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft .NET framework 4.5
Microsoft C# .NET
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Mongo DB
Microsoft Azure (Memcached Cloud)
Credit brokers used a large number of scattered sources to select the best option for a client.
What came before
What did they do after
Developed several types of mortgage calculators
Achieved uninterrupted operation for the site and platform online
Provided the opportunity for 59 791 credit brokers to work with information
Provided access to 130,690 loan products
Combined 259 banks on one site
participating banks
50 000+
users (brokers)
130 000+
lending programs
1 mln.+
requests daily
Eurostudio team created and developed for 15 years an extensive high-load web platform that automates all processes of mortgage loans selection and registration.
Efficient processing of large amounts of data in real time
In 2012 an ordinary web application also attracted more and more banks of participants, the load increased significantly. A comprehensive solution to this problem required a number of architectural, technological and infrastructural solutions.
Lending in the past, present and future
The platform stores the entire history of loan products changes, allows participating banks to make pre-planned changes in interest rates and conditions, automate the process of updating conditions for the following periods.
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