Eurostudio is a custom software development house operating in the heart of Europe. With a distributed team of experts we have been successfully working across multiple industries since 2002 on high-end web and mobile products. The strong technical expertise and deep market knowledge we've accumulated over nearly 20 years allowed us to streamline our production and project management processes resulting in creation of our own development framework and sizable benefits experienced by our clients.

Our skills and inherent work ethics translate into cost-efficiency and decreased time to market for our clients, leading to faster ROI. Our understanding of the end-users' needs helps us create the most relevant and intuitive to use solutions.
Our advantages
Maintenance and support
We don’t just build, test and ship products. Instead, we are committed to supporting, maintaining and continuously developing each solution we produce. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients that last for years and bring long lasting benefits
Regardless of the timezone you can expect timely and regular communication. For the majority of clients we provide a single point of liason for all the development related questions to save time and increase communication efficiency. You always know the status of your project and what to expect next
18 years and counting in .NET
We are expert developers from Europe and “Silicon Taiga” with world class knowledge of .NET. Our team has a solid academic background forged in the world-renowned scientific center. Thanks to our experience with cutting-edge R&D projects, we can also build sophisticated software and middleware for industrial and scientific machinery
Web, desktop and mobile
We work with all top platforms and create web and mobile cross-platform solutions for the needs of your business. We specialise in Native iOS/Android and cross-platform Flutter development. We create custom APIs and integrate with some of the more complex ones to deliver seamless experience to the end-users
Personalised approach
We treat each project individually and provide effective solutions tailored to specific business needs. We create custom apps when it is needed, take advantage of our own framework or 3rd party providers without reinventing the wheel and seamlessly integrate with any existing systems
In-house team
We value our staff and have several development centers with in-house experts. We possess a variety of skills and competencies that make us a one stop shop for app development and hi-tech business automation. We do everything from market analysys and system documentation to UI/UX design and development to SEO and marketing