Corporate portals / HR portals

As a rule, for companies with 30 or more employees there is a need to consolidate internal information resources. Often this process starts with a simple Excel directory containing employees contact details, regulations and business processes documentation, vacation schedule, etc. These files multiply and become more difficult to manage over time.
As the number of important, but disparate files grows exponentially, a need to combine and upload company documents to a common resource with ability to manage permissions and simplify employee adaptation becomes more pressing. Sometimes this process begins with the creation of a simple web page with links to company files and a news feed to inform staff about corporate news and events.

As a result, a small web page gradually turns into a multi-level, branched out, high-load corporate portal containing all the necessary features for the successful functioning of a business. The portal lives, changes and develops alongside the company.

Eurostudio has created a number of corporate and HR portals for businesses of all sizes. We can help save a lot of time and skip all the messy stages straight to acceptance by developing a specialised corporate portal based on the needs and structure of your business. Getting the company processes in order through corporate portal development will make your business more efficient and help build stronger long term relationships with your employees.
Main automation areas:
Facilitating hiring and new employee adaptation processes. Predictable communication with the team. Simplified cross-division recruitment process.
• Surveys
• Employee adaptation
• Employee resumes
• Motivation systems
• Employee certification
• Employee professional development and performance evaluation
For HR
Increasing employee engagement in corporate life
• News feed, likes and comments
• Gathering new ideas
• Birthdays
• Honor roll
Social network and gamification
General Information about the company and its structure, mission, goals and values, events, etc.
• Organizational structure
• About the company, mission, goals
• News and media gallery
• Documents and calendars
Information portal
Keeping the information in order and accessible to the staff
• Documents
• Regulations
• Instructions
• Rulings
• Expertise
• Templates
Knowledge base
Company's projects management, monitoring and collaboration
• Tasks and projects, employee interaction
• Cloud storage and documents online
• Business processes
• Reporting and company efficiency analysis
Working on projects
All relevant and necessary data is collected in one place.
• Applications and references
• Work and vacation schedules
• Meeting room booking
For employee