Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications are a combination of web and native applications. In particular, we mean their cross-platform nature and access to the functionality of the smartphone. Such applications can be downloaded exclusively from markets like Google Play and the App Store. At the same time, they have the option of offline updating of information, and an Internet connection is required for their work. Without the latter, web functions simply do not work.
Among many companies, the choice most often falls on the development of a hybrid application. This is explained by the fact that hybrid applications are able to combine the advantages of native ones with technological relevance, which is provided by the latest web technologies. However, unlike native applications, the cost of creating hybrid applications is an order of magnitude lower, and the speed of their development is higher. The affinity of hybrid applications with web applications, in turn, bears fruit in the form of the fact that you can easily and quickly make adjustments to them. That is, developers do not have to, as in the case of native ones, re-place the application in the store in order to eliminate the errors of the previous version.

The development of a hybrid application seems promising also because it implies creating it for two platforms at once. As a result, this eliminates the headache associated with a separate application development for each OS. Is this a decisive factor? Definitely.
Among other things, it should be noted that the quality and capabilities of hybrid applications depend primarily on the framework that the developer uses. It is also worth paying due attention to the factors that make hybrid applications the preferred option against the rest.
Examples of hybrid applications
An application that allows you to decorate a photo with drawn hearts, etc.
Organizer for travel planning.
you need an Internet connection if you want to share the result of your work
uses the phone's camera
loaded from the store
loaded from the store
can use geolocation
an internet connection is required
can use a cellular network
you can configure push notifications