Partners and suppliers interaction

PRM (Partner Relationship Management) software helps build effective communications with business suppliers and partners for any company with a reseller network. Partner relationship management systems track pricing, inventory and operations. Automation in this area performs the function of a full-fledged partner portal for franchise, mono-brand or multi-brand distribution network companies.

The system should be convenient and bug-free, personal accounts must be intuitive and easy to use. Our team knows how to design complex high-load PRM portals.

Registration, informing, documents exchange.
Attracting new partners
Partner's personal account - current status, current documents, applications, individual price lists, bonuses and general information. Training calendars, corporate events, partner programs.
Single window system for a partner
Main automation areas:
Partner network performance information - sales volume, transactions, product orders, new applications, etc.
End-to-end marketing analytics
Supplier's personal account - registration, service applications placements, offer collection and analysis, applications execution control, ratings, etc.
Single window system for a supplier