Sales and customer interaction

CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management Systems) perform a critical function in businesses that work with a large number of customers.The main purpose of these systems is to streamline, organize and simplify the client interaction and optimize the work of sales teams.

Such systems help build document workflow, facilitate interaction with your client base, ensure order and accuracy of the collected data, and provide the means to simplify the work with the sales funnel and current contracts support.

There are hundreds of ready-made CRM systems on the market. Some companies may opt for these SaaS solutions as long as they fit their needs, but this requires rigorous research, limits customization options and still provides no guarantee to successfully reflect your unique business processes.

If a CRM is intended for small or medium-sized businesses, one should not expect its effectiveness in a large corporation, which often deals with large volumes of data in real time and under a high load. Similarly, for a small business it’s wrong to expect efficiency from a solution intended for enterprises.

The same can be applied to each industry. Systems that are suitable for logistic companies will not be as convenient for event planners or graphic designers. Each area has its own nuances that need to be taken into account.

Each business requires unique features that are tailored to its specific needs. This can be achieved with the help of custom CRM development where the business requirements will be properly analysed and all the features will be implemented according to the adopted business processes.

Our team has a wealth of experience analysing, designing and creating custom solutions for the individual needs of small, medium and large businesses.

Main automation areas:
Inbound requests management
Incoming leads - tracing, status control, analysis. Displaying results in real time.
Outbound requests management
Outbound strategy alinement - sales targets and goals based on the number and type of activities
Existing client base management
Customer care, real-time tracking of a call center wait time, average response time, customer feedback collection, customer loyalty.
Sales planning and analysis
Effective KPI development and tracking, sales leaderboard, conversion rates.
Sales and service processes optimization
Sales and service algorithms development and analysis.
External and internal information systems and services integrations.