High-load lending web-platform in UK APFIN LTD

Our team has developed a custom web and mobile application for short-term and long-term lending in UK. Our goal was to automate the microcredit process from receiving the inquiry until the loan is fully repaid. Now you can see the result of the project on the sites polarcredit.co.uk, cashasap.co.uk, clearandfair.co.uk. More than 1 million loans have been issued through the platform since the application release.
Amazon Web Services
450 thous.
1 mln.+
8 thous.
transactions daily
9 years
The full lending cycle is automated: data collection, scoring, approval or rejection of a loan, receipt of money by the borrower, loan repayment.
User's personal account
loan history, transaction history, individual loan repayment plans.

Automatic verification of the data provided by the borrower through various commercial and government agencies, integration with the relevant resources: Wirecard QMORE, CallCredit API, PacNet, Wirecard Purchase, Transact pro.
The system is in strict compliance with all international standards for encryption and secure storage of internal and the borrower's external credit history.
Flexible reporting system for issued loans, payments, delays, users.
Mobile application
A mobile application and an API have been developed as part of the project.