Help desk software for a large pharmaceutical supplier

Our team develops and supports a custom dispute and document management tool used by clients and partners of a leading pharmaceutical supplier KATREN.
Microsoft C# .Net
Node.js 8
Angular.js 1.6
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6
About the client:
The Katren company is one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia.

About the project:
The client's personal account is a platform for electronic document management and communication between Katren and clients. It enables pharmacies to download certificates for supplied medicines, to submit claims, to generate a refund, to request and receive reconciliation reports, to communicate with Katren managers.
The platform also automates the work of managers: the formation and printing of accompanying documents for the forwarder, sending certificates and licenses, informing customers about defective drugs, managing partner programs and promotions.
Automated processes:
client informing
reconciliation acts exchange
claim filing and processing
forwarder documents formation and printing
Filing a claim or request possibility for goods return
Interactive technical support contacting module
The ability to obtain a product conformity certificate on-line
Integration with the EDI system
A multi-level system of maintaining a dealer company and branches with sale points along the corresponding network
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