POS, Inventory Management and Analytics for a mobile retailer chain

A desktop solution for on-site sales, reporting, warehouse inventory and employee schedule management for Yota across multiple cities.
.NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Internet Information Services 7.0
Windows Forms
Microsoft ASP.NET/C#
Our task was to create a system for several processes automation:
What we did for our client:
Reporting and analytics
Employee changes management
Warehouse logistics
Goods accounting
Automated warehouse accounting
Created an automated place for sales manager
Automated the processes of tax accounting payments fiscalization at sale points
Provided integration and synchronization with the central server
Provided the opportunity for offline sales
Fault tolerance
The system is designed to work with an unstable Internet connection or its complete absence. Yota outlets are capable of fully performing sales of goods offline, uploading data to the server when an Internet connection appears.
Shop equipment integration
The Yota system integrates a range of equipment that improves the efficiency of employees. Barcode scanners and printers for the Warehouse goods identification , ATOL fiscal registrars for state law compliance, QR code scanners and printers and other equipment.
Payment system integration
The Yota ERP system is integrated with the QIWI payment system. It allows user to accept payments, transfer funds and manage QIWI terminals.
Update automation
Retail outlet workplaces in different cities receive new system functions automatically, without user participation. The system itself checks for software updates on the server, downloads them and installs them on user workstations.
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