Pricing automation module for a distribution brokerage network Credit Analytics

Our team created a service that helps banks, service providers, insurers and investors to verify loan compliance, to increase profitability and to manage risk in servicing loan assets.
The system consolidates the key industry decisions in order to automate the main processes for managing the quality of a loan product. Banks, mortgage lenders, investors and insurance companies receive tools to control and manage asset returns and risks throughout the entire loan cycle.
Thanks to an extensive and convenient partner network, platform users quickly receive information about changes in the industry, better understand the needs of the target audience and increase the value of their solutions.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft .NET framework 4.5
Microsoft C# .NET
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Mongo DB
Microsoft Azure (Memcached Cloud)
The broker had to contact the bank directly to get a credit history or analytics.
What came before
What did they do after
A flexible reporting system for a number of key queries was created
The ability to process and verify creditors' documents was provided
Developed an algorithm for on-line calculation of concluded credit agreements effectiveness
Created a single database for storing credit histories for 321 banks
participating banks
20 000+
users (brokers)
100 000+
lending programs
300 000+
requests daily
We developed a unique algorithm for managing and analyzing a data array in the following categories:
document management
• quality analysis
• data compliance analysis
• analysis of profitability
• credit reports
• reports of fraud
• risk reports
Role system
Multilevel system of roles for interaction of all types of users responsible for the quality of the loan product.
Automatic examinations
Checking the implementation of recommendations using flexible business algorithms and notifying participants in case of violations in the documents.
Quality control
An adaptive system for quality control and assessment of the level of criticality of defects in credit documents.
Control scenarios
Individual control scenarios at all stages of interaction on a loan product online.
External examination
Conducting an external examination of the quality of the loan, selective checking of the monthly volume of processed data.
Integration of industry modules for assessment, analysis and quality control of a loan product (PitchPoint, FraudGuard, ComplianceEase, Platinum).
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